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Title: Optically controlled ultra-wideband transceiver
Author(s): Funk, E.E.; Saddow, S.E.; Jasper, L.J., Jr.; Lee, C.H.
Author's Affiliation: Army Res. Lab., Adelphi, MD, USA
Source: Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol.2844, 1996. p. 241-6.
ISSN: 0277-786X CODEN: PSISDG SICI: 0277-786X(1996)2844L.241:OCUW;1-C
Publisher: SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng Place of Publication: USA
Language: English
Conference Information: Photonics and Radio Frequency. Denver, CO, USA, 7-8 Aug. 1996
Sponsoring Organization(s): SPIE
Abstract: We have developed a novel opto-electronic transceiver designed to provide a jam-resistant, high-security, low-power RF communications link. By employing picosecond photoconductivity and a time-hopped spread-spectrum architecture, the transceiver can realize multi-octave instantaneous RF bandwidth. The design is capable of processing gains well above those of existing spread-spectrum communications systems. Hence, significant jam resistance is achievable with a minimum of RF power. The transceiver is particularly well suited to serve as the physical layer of a packet radio system and can be packaged in a hand-held unit with Q-switched diode laser technology. We present results from an opto-electronic digital spread-spectrum data link that demonstrate some of the capabilities of this approach. Abstract Number(s): B9706-6250-019
INSPEC Heading(s): correlation methods; data communication; digital radio; jamming; laser beam applications; microwave links; optoelectronic devices; photodiodes; spread spectrum communication; timing; transceivers
Key Phrase Heading(s): optically controlled transceiver; ultra-wideband transceiver; optoelectronic transceiver; jam-resistant RF communications link; high-security communications link; low-power RF communications link; picosecond photoconductivity; time-hopped spread-spectrum architecture; multioctave instantaneous RF bandwidth; packet radio system; hand-held unit; Q-switched diode laser technology; digital spread-spectrum data link; correlated detection; 1.2 kbit/s; 10 to 100 Mbit/s
Classification: B6250 Radio links and equipment
B4360 Laser applications
B4250 Photoelectric devices
B6140 Signal processing and detection
Treatment: Application; New Development; Practical; Experimental
Numerical Data: bit rate 1.2E+03 bit/s; bit rate 1.0E+07 to 1.0E+08 bit/s (help   )
Number of references: 10
Publication Type: Conference Paper
Copyright Clearance Center: 0 8194 2232 0/96/ 6.00
Accession Number: 5573857
Copyright Information: Copyright 1997, IEE
Database: Inspec
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