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Title: Recent advances in research on photoconductive power switching at the University of Maryland
Author(s): Funk, E.E.; Cho, P.S.; Kung, C.C.; Chauchard, E.A.; Rhee, M.J.; Ho, P.-T.; Goldhar, J.; Lee, C.H.
Author's Affiliation: Dept. of Electr. Eng., Maryland Univ., College Park, MD, USA
Source: Proceedings of the SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol.1632, 1992. p. 223-30.
Place of Publication: USA
Language: English
Conference Information: Optically Activated Switching II. Los Angeles, CA, USA, 20-21 Jan. 1992
Sponsoring Organization(s): SPIE
Abstract: Two new circuit structures which exploit the properties of the fast opening GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switch are described. These new circuit structures, series current charged transmission lines, and dual of the Blumlein line, offer increased power output over the authors previous current charged transmission line circuit structure. In addition, the electrical and optical response of the poly-ZnSe switch under high applied electrical fields has been further investigated. Nonlinear behavior is observed in the poly-ZnSe switch under high fields both experimentally and in numerical simulation. This type of non-linear behavior may be useful in high power opening switch applications as predicted by numerical simulation. Abstract Number(s): B9303-4250-027
INSPEC Heading(s): gallium arsenide; II-VI semiconductors; III-V semiconductors; photoconducting devices; pulsed power technology; semiconductor switches; zinc compounds
Key Phrase Heading(s): III-V semiconductor; electrical response; II-VI semiconductor; nonlinear behaviour; photoconductive power switching; University of Maryland; photoconductive semiconductor; circuit structures; series current charged transmission lines; Blumlein line; optical response; poly-ZnSe switch; high power opening switch; GaAs; ZnSe
Classification: B4250 Photoelectric devices
B8360 Power convertors and power supplies to apparatus
Treatment: Practical; Experimental
Chemical Data: GaAs/int As/int Ga/int GaAs/bin As/bin Ga/bin; ZnSe/int Se/int Zn/int ZnSe/bin Se/bin Zn/bin
Number of references: 8
Publication Type: Conference Paper
Copyright Clearance Center: 0 8194 0779 8/92/ 4.00
Accession Number: 4343315
Database: Inspec
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